Helpful Advice

Helpful Advice

There are several things you need to consider before committing yourself to the perfect bed. 

These are; function, size, shape and materials.The function of the bed Think about your lifestyle and how the bed would be ordinarily used and who by! What should be the main function of the bed? 

Questions you should ask yourself include:

    • Is it for a living room, a family room or a playroom?
    • Do you have children or pets?
    • How much effort can you put into maintaining it?

Measure up before you shop and work out a rough estimate of the desirable size of your bed. Two smaller beds and a couple of armchairs may be a more flexible option than a large set. You can use newspaper on the floor to the size of your bed and see roughly how much room it will take up. 

Any choice you make when buying your bed or chairs will depend on the size of your room and how many people you want to seat at any one time. A rough rule of thumb is that a large bed will seat 3 average size adults comfortably. Small beds will accommodate 2, and we also have compact or "loveseat" beds which provide an oversized chair for one or a cosy bed for a couple. 

To gauge a safe distance between your leather bed and a radiator to prevent cracking, move your hand away from the radiator until you can no longer feel its heat; at minimum, this should be about a foot (30cm).

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